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Steal His Look: PSI user, Ness

Ami Alexandre Mattiussi Felt Baseball Cap, Red/Blue - $88.89
Ralph Lauren Striped-Jersey Short Sleeve Tee, Indigo/Honey - $175.00
Frye Campus Dakota Leather Backpack - $428.00
Valentino Dark Clean-Washed Denim Shorts, Indigo - $510.00
Falke Family Ankle Socks, White - $22
Prada Men’s Suede Low-Top Sneaker, Red - $630.00

wow these are real items somebody went and found EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE designer clothing for the perfect Ness cosplay. What you think Ness is poor?? Ness ain’t no pleb. I’m playing Earthbound right now and Ness is loaded he got $15,000 in the bank from his rich dad. 

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